Thursday, April 10, 2008


Yay, my Monkeys are done!

Sea Dreams Monkeys_02

I love they way they look with this yarn, this is Claudia Handpainted fingering in the Sea Dreams colourway (I may have to get some more, I love the blues and greens). The knitting-two-socks-at-a-time was an interesting strategy. It was a bit of a pain to carry both socks around with me all the time, and the knitting did feel like quite the slog sometimes, but I likely would have experienced Second Sock Syndrome with this pattern if I hadn't knit them both at once. I was getting good and tired of knitting the motif after I finished the first foot (so after both legs and heels were done).

I wasn't sure how I would feel about having patterning on the foot part, it doesn't feel too bad just on the feet but I'll have to test it with shoes to really tell.

I finished the first sock at knitting group, and Katy was good enough to kitchener the toe for me. She also taught me the magical trick of turning the knitting inside out to tighten the stitches, it really works amazingly well and makes things so much easier.

Sea Dreams Monkeys Toe_01

So now that these socks are done, what next? I'm not sure, maybe another pair of boring old stockinette socks? Or maybe I'll look around for another fun pattern to try.


Karen said...

Yay! Those Monkeys look great!! You did a fantastic job with them. The colours are awesome, and I love the way the pattern looks. You'll have to let me know what you think about wearing patterned socks. I've always had this hunch that I'd think it feels weird, but maybe it just takes some getting used to.

Nell said...

Be-you-tee-ful!!!! I love how the pattern looks in that colorway.

Esoteric Knitter said...

Money's are just awesome to knit up. Great colorway pick!