Sunday, April 20, 2008

Both a blessing and a curse

You know the common complaint about Kidsilk Haze (aside from the fact that some people find mohair really itchy), that it's nearly impossible to frog due to the sticky grabby mohair? Well, I am extremely grateful for that fact today. See, I was washing (well, Eucalan soaking) my Modern Quilt Wrap before putting it away for the summer, and as I was laying it out on the floor to dry I discovered something.

Modern Quilt Wrap dropped stitch_01

You can't see it in the photo, but those two pins are marking a dropped stitch. I thought I had caught them all, but apparently one managed to get away from me. I have been wearing this scarf for 3 months, and after all this time it never actually dropped any further, but stayed just where it was. THANK YOU, sticky grabby mohair!!

Of course I will be fixing this ASAP, once the scarf dries. =)


Karen said...

That was a lucky find indeed! Definitely a good example of what once was your enemy being your saviour now.

And forgive what might seem like a silly question, but how are you going to fix it? I know you can 'chain' stitches back in, but you'll have to bind it off somehow - are you going to just use some spare yarn to do that?

Adrienne said...

It's not a silly question at all! I'm just going to chain the stitch back into the row above it (since it only really "dropped" one row), and then use a length of scrap yarn to hold the live loop in place. I'll probably tie a knot or two and then do a lot of end weaving to the end of each row, and tie off a couple of knots there. Extensive weaving-in is my friend.

I know that knot-tying in the middle of a knitted piece is generally a no-no, but I've done this several times already and you really can't tell what's going on due to the extreme mohair halo. And with KSH any knots you tie are super-tight and tiny (they are also a bit slippery, isn't that a strange paradox, that the yarn is both sticky and slippery at the same time?) and therefore not very noticeable.

Does that make any sense?

Karen said...

That totally makes sense. I had a feeling it was going to be something like that. And I'm personally not anti-knot. To me, if it can be hidden, there's no reason why a knot here and there can't be used.

Alice said...

Yikes! That picture scares me! Very nice find.

Don't tell anyone, but I also find a knot helpful every once in awhile! ;)

Marie said...

I'm surprised you were even able to find a dropped stitch in mohair! Great catch.
I didn't use to like mohair because of its itchiness and fluffiness. Yet, I was converted while knitting a stole last year. It hides mistakes amazingly well and it's super warm.