Thursday, September 16, 2004


I was reading the pattern for that cool Noro scarf you sent me ( and found that are there some instructions that I don't really understand. The short row section is where I start to get confused. Do you bind off the first triangle that you make, and pick up the row 1 stitch? And what do they mean when they say "turn"? Is it just flipping your work so you're on the other side now? And maybe I'm understanding things wrong, but SSK seems to be a lot like k2tog. *shrugs* Yeah...feeling a little stupid for not being able to understand the pattern.

Also, I finished up the trip knitting that I did. It's just a simple little dishcloth. I'll post a pic up really soon.

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Adrienne said...

There's no binding off involved, keep the knitting on the needles, increase the first stich as previously stated in the pattern, decrease one (I don't really know what the difference is between ssk and k2tog, either, do they slant the same way?), then turn the work around and knit the 3 stitches back to where you started. So basically across the short rows you will be increasing one at the beginning of the row, knitting across to where the "hole" got created when you turned the work, decreasing across that hole to keep the same # of stitches overall, then turning the work and knitting all the way back.

OK, that explanation was far too complicated. It makes much more sense once you try it out. =)