Monday, September 20, 2004

Random musings

So, I have just realized that I currently have two major knitting projects going. The first is a Christmas present, so I can't show it. Actually, I finished the first of that series and am now on the second. The other thing I have going is that lacy shawl. I've been making pitifully slow progress on it because I find the kidsilk a little tricky sometimes. Plus, I really need to concentrate; the pattern is pretty intricate, so I can't just sit and do it while watching TV. I've already made a ton of mistakes, but oh well. Hopefully they won't be too noticeable. Here's a sample pic of it.

Not all that impressive, but I think the finished product will be nice. Sorry 'bout the blurry photo.

The kitty hat knit along? I'm ready to start too. Wanna set a 'cast on date'? How about early next week? That'll give me a chance to get some more of that shawl done before I abandon it for a while XD


Adrienne said...

Your shawl looks like it's coming along great, so pretty and lacy! And that blue is to die for. It is good that you are taking your time though, kidsilk is a nightmare to frog.

As for the kitty hat-along start 'bout Mon. Sept. 27th? I only say that cuz my ass will be planted in front of the tube watching Monday Night Football anyway, so it is a good time for me to knit. =P

Karen said...

Cool. Sept. 27 sounds good to me. Jamie will be watching football too, so I may as well knit ^_^ Yay! Kitty hat knit-along!! I'm all excited now!