Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Football = Knitting

In my opinion, one of the few good things about fall (and the start of cold weather) is the beginning of football season. So in honour of the very first Monday Night Football (my favourite!) of the 2004 season, I decided to start blocking my Vintage Knits mohair-striped sweater. For the front and back, I pinned the edges to a towel (which was lying on top of a small rug), and spritzed the pieces to death with cold water from a spray bottle:

Getting the pieces to stay in place was a little tricky at first, mostly because I was using small safety pins and it was hard for them to puncture the rug, and I was also trying to stretch them a bit, but once they got damp enough it got much easier. Most of the knitting got relatively damp but you can see the wetter spots in the picture. Then my spray bottle died because it is evil and cheap, so I decided to wet-block the sleeves by dunking them in cool water and carefully squeezing the water out. Those got pinned onto another (rather ugly) towel:

They are still very slightly damp right now, so I'll probably wait another day or two before unpinning them and trying to seam them together. Oh, and knit a neckband, too. I gotta admit I'm a little (ok, a lot) nervous about the seaming.

And since I couldn't resist, a little mysterious closeup picture of something, because I wanted to show the pretty colours:


Karen said...

Wow...on to blocking already! That's great!! I've never blocked anything, and only ever done a little seaming when I put together the squares for that baby blanket I made.

Oooh...what pretty colours! What kind of stitch is that? Looks pretty funky.

Adrienne said...

I have done some blocking before, so that part wasn't so scary, but the only seaming I have done was for my baby blanket too, so seaming a sweater is gonna be a little nerve-wracking.

The stitch is just a garter stitch, but there is some short-row action going on so it changes the direction of the knitting. I'll email you the pattern source in case you are that curious. =)