Friday, September 24, 2004

Seamy adventures, part 1

So on Monday night I decided to start seaming up my Vintage Knits sweater-with-mohair-stripes. I have been putting off the blocking/seaming part for ages, because I am a total seaming novice and didn't want to screw it up big-time. But the suspense was starting to kill me so I figured I might as well bite the bullet and do it. And if it turns out crappy-looking....well, the entire sweater was a learning experience, one can't be perfect all the time, right? =P

Anyway. I seamed the right shoulder, then picked up stitches to knit the neckband, knit the neckband, seamed the left shoulder, seamed the took HOURS. I think I managed to watch maybe 30 seconds of the game (not including replays). Then I seamed the sleeves. I don't know what possessed me to knit my first sweater using such teeny tiny yarn, it made seaming a nightmare because it was hard to see where to stick the needle. But I really loved knitting with the 4-ply soft, so I guess that makes up for it.

Here are some photos so far, first of the body of the sweater, then of one of the sleeves more or less where it should be set into the armhole.

The next thing is to sew the sleeves into the armholes and weave in the billion ends, but I'm going to hold off on that for a little while because I'm tired of staring intently at tiny yarn. Also, I frogged and reknit the neckband because the ribbing looked too loose the first time around....but it looked exactly the same after the second time I guess I will just have to live with it. Argh!

I started another Christmas project, but it is top-secret! Although I will say that I knit and frogged and changed my mind 4 times, so this has been a rather frustrating time, knitting-wise. But I am all better now, I hope! =)

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Karen said...

Wow!! It looks awesome!! I think you did a great job with it. I can imagine that seaming something with tiny yarn could be a hassle. Did you have to get smaller yarn needles or anything like that? *sigh* I still have to finish knitting one more sleeve for my sweater...but with all the Christmas presents I want to make, I wanted to make sure those all got done before I started sleeve #2

I'm all excited about our kitty hat knit along! I haven't looked at the pattern in a long time, so I hope there's nothing really complicated involved.