Monday, December 13, 2004

It'll get more interesting after Christmas, I hope

Well, I have pretty much finished my Christmas knitting (with the exception of my sister's remaining sock, which may or may not be finished in time....), so now it's time to start planning the future projects for ME ME ME. There is the Felted Tweed sweater that I plan to start after the new year (after I finish my mohair striped sweater, which requires some expert help from Toronto), and now I have acquired the yarn for another project that I have been coveting. Behold, my yarns for the lovely Charlotte's Web:

Charlotte colours_01

I have been wanting to knit this shawl forever, but I never had enough Koigu to choose from in person, and I didn't want to order online only to be disappointed in the colours. But then I was in Woolcott a couple of weeks ago to buy some needles, and I saw that they had a whole new shipment of Koigu in, so I picked out a couple of skeins, then one thing led to another, and an hour later I finally left the store with these goodies. Yummy Koigu! I'll probably start this after the new year too. I still need to decide on the order of colours, and it'll take me at least that long. =P

I'm feeling a little guilty about not being able to post pictures lately, so here is a random picture of all the books I've bought in the past month. It's been a little out of control. If I had a cat I would take a picture of that.


Karen said...

Oooh...all that Koigu looks really nice. Koigu is SO nice to knit with. So, you're making Charlotte's Web? It's a very pretty shawl indeed. I can't wait to see photos of it.

hmm...perhaps I should post pictures of my cat to fill the space LOL!!!

Adrienne said...

Yes, I love the Koigu! I am an absolute sucker for the vareigated handpainted yarns. Pretty colours!

Well, I would not be opposed to a kitty picture or two....=)