Thursday, December 09, 2004

It's arrived!

I'm all bubbly with excitement because my copy of Folk Bags arrived today! Hooray! I've looked through it and already found, like, 6 different bags that I want to make. O_o Oh well...guess my list of projects just keeps expanding. I'll have to put it after all the other stuff I was planning on doing...

There are definitely some bags that I would never make though. I mean, who needs a saddle bag these days, right? and there are some bags that I probably would never make for myself, like this Bolivian Doll Bag. It looks like a doll with a strap attached to it, but the bag part is the doll's dress. But something like that might make a good gift for a kid, or something. It involves a lot of I dunno. I'm a lazy ass when it comes to finishing stuff.

When you're in town, take a flip through to see if there's anything that appeals to you. We can do a pattern swap, or something ^_^

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Adrienne said...

Hurrah for books! I'm glad you love it and hope you don't feel at ALL guilty for buying it. =) I'll definitely have to take a look-see when I come back. I'm trying to decide what to bring home in terms of knitting, I don't have a good portable project. Oh, aside from my sister's remaining sock, which would be perfect but I'm trying to find something else. =P