Monday, December 06, 2004

Multidirectional Scarf sighting

OK, this will be a short entry, but on Saturday afternoon I was walking into the bank and this woman was coming out the door, and she was totally wearing a multidirectional scarf. I even recognized the colourway, Kureyon 126 (only because I had been coveting it, I swear!). I was also wearing my rainbow multidirectional scarf at the time, but it was all wound around my neck and tucked into my jacket and therefore unrecognizable as such. I was really tempted to shout after the woman that I liked her scarf, but decided that would probably make me look a little crazy. =)

Oh, and have you seen the new Knitty? Lots of cute stuff, nothing that totally leaps out at me right away, though the penguin is really cute, as is the leftovers vest, except I'm not really a vest girl. And what's up with the uterus? I mean, I'm all for embracing one's womanhood, but sheesh. =)


Karen said... can even recognize colourways? That's totally impressive. Hooray for multidirectional scarves! I finished the one for my daddy. It's a bit too short in my opinion, but oh well. I was only able to find two balls of that particular Shinano, so I guess he'll just have to live with it.

Oh and thanks for pointing out the new Knitty issue to me. The patterns are totally cute! While I think empire waists look terrible on me, I couldn't help but admire Belle Epoche. And yeah...that womb pattern was just...creepy...and having it hanging in a tree (not that the piano shot was any better)? extra creepy...

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh at your comments about the knitted uterus! My friend Susan (a dedicated knitter) and I laughed when we saw that. Who in the hell would want to knit a uterus? Well, as a surprise for me before I had a hysterectomy last month, Susan knit me a uterus! My surgeon, anesthesiologist, and all the nurses on the floor had a good laugh about it. The anesthesiologist didn't realize what it was until we told him---he thought it looked like a turnip! Good thing HE wasn't doing the cutting!