Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Burned by bum patterns

Well, looking at the placket neck sweater pattern hasn't started off well. I noticed that right off the bat, the number of cast on stitches is wrong. Doh! That's not enough to make me rip yet though - I think I might be able to fix that part. I'm still analyzing the rest of the pattern to figure out where things went wrong for me.

But, I was knitting some baby booties from a pattern I got in one of those 'Pattern-a-day' calendars that a co-worker gave me last Christmas. And the pattern burned me again! This time, my knitter's intuition told me that things might be a bit weird. But, some other part of me said, "Well, maybe the construction isn't what I think it is, and the pattern is right after all." And so, I knitted along following the pattern.

Lesson? I should listen to my intuition more. Bleh.

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