Monday, July 09, 2007


Alright, photos just like I promised!

That's one of the socks that I made. Of course I made a second one to go with it (haha!).

Here are my two sock on one needle. I haven't made much progress with them though. I'm debating with myself as to how much ribbing I want to put on it.

And here's my messed up baby sweater. I downloaded the corrected pattern, but haven't gone through to compare yet. Hopefully I won't have to tear the whole thing out. Man, that would be a pain.

I've also started some baby booties, but I'll take pictures of those when they're closer to being done.

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Adrienne said...

Great sock! I am dying to try that Dream in Color yarn, it seems to be the latest hot thing (especially that multi-coloured baby sweater that everyone seems to be totally gaga over, I sort of really want one too, mostly because it is all rainbow-y).

That's such a great colour yarn for the baby sweater! It sucks that the baby sweater pattern was SO off in the original.