Sunday, August 15, 2004

Brush with knitting fame...

Okay...this is going to be long post today, so please bear with me.

Today, I went by Lettuce Knit to look at yarn (ended up buying some too, but more on that later!) and met Amy Singer, the editor/publisher of Pretty wild, huh? She dropped in to visit the lady who owns the store and brought along a copy of her new book 'Knit Wits'. The book isn't due to be released until October, and they're having the launch party at the store on October 2nd. How cool is that?!

I also finished up that baby hat I was making.

I put that Good Luck Bear in there to give an idea of scale.

So, just what did I buy at the yarn store? 3 skeins of Mission Falls Wool. I'm going to use it for the Kitty Hat from Stitch n' Bitch.

Finally, I need some help. I have 4 skeins of Patons Divine (79.5% Acrylic, 18% Mohair, 2.5% Polyester) that I bought intending to make Grace, but have since decided that I don't want to make that sweater anymore...actually, I'm just being indecisive about it. If I don't make that sweater, I don't know what to make. So, I just need some outside opinions on what I should do. Here's a picture of the yarn.

Do you think it would look nice knitted up as Grace? I can't seem to decide!!


Adrienne said...

I can't believe you got to meet Amy Singer! I didn't know she was from Toronto. I'll definitely have to check out the book when it's released!

Aww, your baby hat is super-cute! I'm sure the mommy will absolutely love it! =)

Hey, I was thinking of making that kitty hat too, but I don't have the yarn for it yet (nor have I decided what scarf to match it to, or whether I should just make a whole new scarf, tee hee). Want to do a very-mini kitty hat knit-along? Can you resist starting on it for a little bit? I also can't recall if any of my LYS carries Mission Falls....maybe I'll pick some up in Toronto? Too lazy to think about substituting yarn right now. =)

The Patons yarn looks rather fuzzy compared to the photos of the Grace, despite the fact that it doesn't have as much mohair as the recommended yarn(s). I dunno, how fuzzy a sweater is too fuzzy for you? I think the yarn might make a fun hat-and-mittens or hat-and-scarf set, though. Or, a kitty bed....? =P

Karen said...

A mini-knit along sounds like fun! I can totally hold off until you get yarn. I tried knitting the gauge for it though, and found that I need to use size 10 needles instead of the recommended size 7. Is that really weird? That also means I'll have to go out and get size 10 dpns. I'll probably go back to the store and ask the nice lady there just to make sure I'm not being stupid about something.

I keep flip flopping on what to do with that mohair! I don't really need any more scarves, and since I'm making the kitty hat, I don't really need another hat either. Every time I go back to look at the Grace pattern, I feel like I want to knit it. But then I think about how long it's taking me to make my other sweater (I'll post pictures soon), and I'm just not sure if that's what I want to do. Argh!

Adrienne said...

Fun, kitty hat knit-along! OK, that's definitely next on my list of yarn-to-buy, then. That does sound strange that you have to go up so many needle sizes to get gauge. Size 10 needles seem like they'd be so much bigger than size 7.