Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Picture test

Pretty koigu sock leg!

yay, it worked!

OK, some more comments on the sock, now that we've got this thing more or less working. It's done in Koigu KPPPM yarn, I think colourway P802. It looked a little different in the skein versus how it looks knitted up, but it's still cool to watch it develop. I think it's turning out ok for a first sock so far. I'm not too pleased with the initial ribbing at the cuff, but it was hard to start on the dpns! =)


Karen said...

Whee!! What pretty yarn! Is that the stuff you bought at the yarn sale at Woolcott's?

Adrienne said...

This wasn't the exact Koigu I got at the sale, but I did buy it at Woolcott's! It is hard to resist this yarn, and so hard to pick favourite colourways. =)

Karen said...

Yeah...Koigu just feels so nice. I went to Lettuce Knit today and had to resist buying some. They also had this amazing recycled silk stuff (I think it was called Mango Moon) that was pretty cool.