Sunday, November 14, 2004

Silk Garden: Knit the Rainbow!

In the spirit of blowing more money, behold the latest addition to the yarn stash! Silk Garden in the very lovely, very rainbow-y colour 87. Isn't it pretty? I'm such a sucker for rainbow-coloured things. I think that is probably the greatest appeal of yarn shopping for me, looking at all the pretty colours sitting together in the store. That probably also explains why I like to accumulate handpainted sock yarn. Le sigh.

I have already started knitting with this stuff, it is rather too bright for me to make a sweater out of, so a hat and scarf it is. Oh, I should mention this yarn was from eBay, so slightly less pricey than usual. =)

The Kathmandu Aran mittens are also finished, here is a crappy photo. The yarn knits up much stiffer and tweedier than I had anticipated, which was a little annoying, but I just gave them a little soak so we'll see if they get any softer. The mittens are also slightly big; I wonder if this yarn felts at all?


Karen said...

Wah! Nice mittens! They look quite warm. How do you like them? Are you thinking of felting them?

That Silk Garden that you bought is really nice too. I've noticed that you tend to buy yarns that are quite a bit brighter than my selections ^_^ I need to start buying some bright stuff to be accents in my darker stuff.

Adrienne said...

I have a weakness for fun brightly coloured yarn....the only problem is that I can't necessarily *wear* all those colours, except for things like socks and accessories and stuff. I don't think I would ever knit like a brown or black sweater, simply because I'd want to buy the "prettier" yarn. =)

The mittens have become softer after a good soaking. I might try to *slightly* hand-felt the mittens because I feel they are a touch too big. But I'd have to be careful about that.