Thursday, November 18, 2004

What is it they say about women and sales?

So it's not like I'm looking for new projects or yarn or anything, but if you could make a sweater for just over $20 (USD), wouldn't you? Or alternatively, if you could buy enough yarn for a hypothetical sweater for just over $20, wouldn't you?

I say this because on there is some peruvian wool on sale for $2.25 USD a skein. And there also just happens to be a pattern for a Ribby Cardi that calls for this yarn. And to make a sweater in my size, it takes 10 skeins. Do the math. On top of that, there are about a billion colours available, each one prettier than the last. And there will probably be a Ribby Cardi knit-along somewhere on the web soon, for moral support and inspiration. Even if one didn't want to knit the cardi (though it's pretty cute), one could just buy a bunch of yarn and wait for the right project(s) to come along. Worsted weight wool, good for so many things! Cascade 220 is also peruvian wool, so I imagine they should be similar to each other in texture.

On the other hand, I have too many projects lined up already in my head, and innumerable future yarn purchases to go along with those projects.

Que pensez-vous? Should I succumb to the good yarn deal? Should I even acknowledge the fact that there is also yummy Filatura di Crosa Zara and Zara Plus for sale? Should I tell you that since Elann is a Canadian company they will also display prices in Canadian dollars, and the current price for the peruvian wool is a measly $2.70 CAD per skein?


Karen said...

Argh...what a tough choice...

Well, I can't really tell you what to do, but here's my own personal take on it. I struggled to decide if this was enough to justify breaking my self-imposed yarn-fast. And I decided that it wasn't. I need to exercise some self control. There will always be more sales, and I already have enough going on right now. I need to use up my current stash a bit more before I can buy more without feeling guilty. I think I'm totally a project knitter though. I find something that I want to make, then look for the yarn. I know that's not the most creative way to do things, but it works for me right now.

So...does that mean you shouldn't buy the yarn? I dunno...if you feel that a deal like this will never come again, and you have no doubt that you will use the yarn, then go ahead. But if you think you might look at the yarn and feel guilty later, maybe you should hold off and wait for another sale.

Adrienne said...

Well, if you can resist, then I guess I can too! =) It's true that I have about a billion other projects already lined up, so adding more random yarn would probably do more harm than good. So merci beaucoup for talking some sense into me! =)

Karen said...

No prob ^_^ Hopefully, I'll get all the stuff I wanted to done so that the next time you come back we can go on a big yarn hunt and not feel guilty about spending our money on yummy, yummy yarn.