Sunday, November 07, 2004

Won't you be my boyfriend?

This afternoon I was in Newbury Yarns, showing off an FO and browsing for gift yarn (I am now ALL DONE buying holiday yarn, hooray), when this punk-y looking kid wanders in with his punk-y looking friend. I assumed that their girlfriends or something would follow them in, because isn't that what usually happens, women drag their male companions into a yarn store and make them wait and wait and wait while they pick out yarn? But no, one of the guys wanders purposefully over to a shelf, picks out a skein of Colinette, then asks Aldrich how much the yarn is, and does she have size 13 needles? Turns out this kid is part of a boys knitting group, and is making a scarf for his MOM for Christmas. sweet is that?

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Karen said...

OMG! That's so awesome!! I'm so impressed! But is one skein going to be enough? I'm actually trying to get my friend Barry into knitting too. It's not going to well right now though. I haven't had time to really sit with him and teach him well. But he's totally interested though.

On a total side note, I now own the 'Love Actually' DVD. So, I can watch Hugh Grant dance through 10 Downing Street whenever I want! LOL!