Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Adventures of the Indecisive

ARGHH!!! I totally suck... I seriously think I'm going to buy the bag that I was intending to imitate by making the bag from Folk Bags (click here to check it out). It's the right size and has lots of pockets (which I had forgotten were lacking from that black bag o_O). The only drawback is that it costs more to ship it over than to buy the bag (which is why I was asking about getting is shipped to you)! I don't know if sending it to you would be an advantage though...I have no idea how much it would cost for you to send it here. Maybe I should go bag hunting....Shopping trip! dilemma is....WHAT ABOUT THOSE 3 SKEINS OF MANOS?? *sigh* I'm so dumb....I guess I could just knit it into that 'black bag' anyway. How do you think it would look felted? That Messenger Bag pattern in S'nB Nation is looking ever more attractive. I wouldn't have to alter the size anymore, just account for the difference in gauge. Hopefully some simple math will allow me to do that. And that way I could learn how to felt...but I'm such a chicken about it!! I'm so scared that I'll wreck it, and then I'll have wasted those 3 skeins!!

See what I mean? I just go back and forth like this...especially when I'm supposed to be doing work!! As Mr. Seshadri used to say, "What to do?" Please help this poor, indecisive chump...


Adrienne said...

Sure, if you want to order the bag and send it to me I'd be happy to mail it over to you after receiving it. If I repackaged it and sent it as a "gift" to you I don't think it would cost that much and you could probably avoid paying customs on it too. Let me know what you decide to do about that. =)

I *think* Manos is supposed to be good for felting, but I dont know for sure. I think it would look cool with all the different colours though. I do agree that felting sounds a little scary. But if you are not *too* concerned with the final size I don't think you can go totally wrong.

Karen said...

I'm going to go shopping this weekend to see if I can find something similar to that messenger bag here in Toronto. I really should've done that a while ago, but oh well...better late than never.

Cool...thanks for the encouragement. I think I'll give that felted bag a try. But after I make my own kitty hat, and finish my Kyoto sweater. Plus I owe my friend Aaron a small knit gift too (beer cozies with the Winnipeg Jets logo, or as close as I can get to it). Hmm...looks like it might be a while before I get to that bag! ^__^