Friday, January 28, 2005

Crinkly Charlotte

Hooray, Charlotte is off the needles! Here is a picture of her in an unblocked state. I apologize for the crappy picture; my camera refuses to do her justice. She still needs a crochet edge, and possibly fringe (I haven't decided yet), not to mention a serious blocking. I wasn't too sure about the last colour on the bottom when I started incorporating it, I thought it might have been too harsh of a contrast with the pink (see the wierd stripey effect? It's much more pronounced in the picture than in real life, hm), but now I kinda like it. It's a really pretty colourway on its own, and it brings out the pink which is of course my favourite part. =)

This was actually a pretty simple project, and I already want to make another one. The koigu is totally addictive and such a pleasure to knit with, and I honestly think one could combine any random colourways and come out with something fantastic. Of course I have several projects waiting in the wings, so I couldn't cast on for another Charlotte for a while, but a girl can always keep her eyes peeled for pretty colourways, can't she? =P


Karen said...

Wow! That looks totally amazing! I really like the contrasting stripe thing going along the bottom. The colours you picked really go well together. I'm curious what would happen if you just combined random colourways, but I'm too scared to just blow money on randomness to experiment like that ^__^

What sort of occasions do you plan to use Charlotte for?

Adrienne said...

Thanks! I am not sure I would totally go crazy with the random colourways either, but eventually if I collect enough way-too-pretty-to-not-buy Koigu I might end up with 5 colours that go well enough together. I think I may already have 3. =P

I didn't really knit Charlotte with any particular type of occasion in mind, I just thought she was really pretty and relished the idea of playing with all that Koigu. It appears I am not a very practically-oriented knitter, I just enjoy working with fun fibers and colours. I'm sure I'll get some use out of her eventually though. =)