Friday, January 14, 2005

I need a scarf...

So, I'm working on my pink mohair kitty hat now. It's coming a long quite nicely, and I should have pictures of it soon. But now the question is what kind of scarf to make to go along with it. I talked to my friend Elaine, and she suggested something on the thin side, about 3.5 inches wide. And then we were wondering what kind of pattern to use. Perhaps a simple stocking stitch? Maybe a seed stitch border to the stocking stitch? And since the mohair is a bit on the heavy side, it probably wouldn't lend to any lace patterns very well, right? I'm thinking about the Embrace scarf from Knitty because while the stitch is simple (yay for stocking stitch), it's got a pretty unique construction. I might want it to be a bit longer, but in general I think the idea is pretty cool. I dunno though....what do you think? Elaine, if you're lurking out there, I wouldn't mind your take on this too.


Adrienne said...

I think the Embrace pattern looks cool. But I think it would depend on how you think you'd like having to knot the scarf in front that way. If you are more of a wrap-scarves-around-your-face kind of girl (as I most definitely am), the scarf might not keep you cozy enough. But if you don't require a chin-warming scarf, I'd say give it a try. =)

How about a simple 2x2 (or 3x3, or 4x4) rib pattern? The ribbing will collapse in on itself and make the scarf thicker and warmer, and I think would look cool with the mohair. Although I realize then it wouldn't totally "match" the hat in terms of stitch patterns. Hm.

Anonymous said...

Hello. Finally going to crash your blog after lurking for so long. =)

As I told Karen on Sunday, I like the ribbing idea with the narrow scarf. Maybe a 3x3. 2x2 may end up looking like the stocking stitch. As usual though, play, experiment and frog it!

On a side note, I finished my Knitty lacecap. It turned out to be a bit big, and I'm debating about taking it apart again to reduce it. But I was wearing it today and there were some positives about having it slightly big: more coverage, warmer ears...Now it's time to knit a matching scarf. Blue Sky Alpacas alpaca and silk is amazing stuff. Adrienne, do you know of any trustable online sellers that stock it? Karen, Lettuce Knit in TO doesn't have any more in ecru. I checked. :(

Happy knitting!


Adrienne said...

Hi Elaine, hooray for de-lurking! =)

Oooh, Blue Sky Alpaca alpaca and silk, definitely something I want to try in the future! You might try their website, they have a list of vendors who sell their yarn, some of which have online stores, but most of them are in the U.S. and it costs an arm and a leg to ship to Canada. Probably your best bet would be to get Lettuce Knit to order some for you, or maybe eBay? Or, if you run out of other options I can check out some stores around here and mail you some. =)