Tuesday, January 25, 2005

More kitty fun...

Alright! As promised, I took a picture of my pink mohair kitty hat. While it's a terrible photo of me, it did manage to get both ears in.

Let me tell you, this mohair while soft and fuzzy when I wear it, is not all that great to knit with. All the extra fuzzies get kinda annoying after a while. But it does make fabulous pom poms. I think I'm going to take a break from this pink stuff though. Even though I was planning to make a scarf with it, I'm gonna move to some other project first. I owe my friend Aaron some beer cozies in the Winnipeg Jets colours.

Oh yeah...and let me tell you about the other misadventure I had with this hat. I put one of the ears in a totally horrible place, so I decided to take it off, and re-do it. While clipping the old ear off, I accidentally clipped a big hole into the hat portion. DOH! Stupid me. So, I had to fix that first, and then put the new ear on. And I also goofed on the i-cord a little. One of them is a touch longer than the other, but I can live with it.


Adrienne said...

Cute kitty hat! I can imagine how hard the mohair must have been to knit with. I hope it keeps your head and ears nice and cozy!

Argh, that would have given me a heart attack, if I had accidentally cut into the hat! I hope it wasn't too much trouble to fix it. =)

Karen said...

Actually, fixing the hole wasn't too bad. I think if I hadn't been so brain dead, I might've reacted a lot more. But at the time it was just "oh...whoops. Better fix that". And because things work in strange ways, it acutally helps me know which way to put the hat on now.