Sunday, September 09, 2007

Another bag option for you?

OK, I wasn't exactly looking for knitting bags, but I came across this while making the rounds of fun online yarn stores (I do this far too often for my own good, it's a good thing that I have little money to spend and even less storage space or else I would be in serious trouble. For now I mostly just look). I have never heard of this bag before, this "Ultimate Knitting Bag", but it seems like it is being discontinued and here is Colorsong Yarn offering them up for a big big discount. Still a bit pricey, but much less pricey than it was!

Big leather knitting bag discounted to $99 from $275. Look at all that needle storage space! And it fits huge projects. And a laptop too? Is this like magic carpet bag or something? Seems a bit intense for me, but I thought I'd just pass along the info in case it interested you. =)


Karen said...

Thanks for the info, but that bag is also a bit too intense for me too :D Though there are definitely some nice points to it - all the needle holder sections was just wow. And I can't believe all that fit in there! I think my shoulder would break if I tried to carry all that though...

And for some reason, I don't really like leather bags. I don't think I own a single one.

Adrienne said...

Me neither (re the leather). They look nice, but I just don't really like that leather smell, y'know?

I suppose I technically shouldn't have leather things anyway, being vegetarian and all, so I guess it's good that my natural inclination is to avoid it as well. =)