Friday, September 07, 2007

More on the bag saga

I was lucky enough to leave work early today, and since I had some time to kill before my dance class, I head to Lettuce Knit, just for fun.

And wouldn't you know, they had 2 Lady B's in stock for me to look at! While it's absolutely adorable on the outside, looking at the inside confirmed my hunch that it's just one huge bucket with a lot of side pockets - not quite what I was looking for. It also gave me a nice idea of what sorts of dimensions I'd like. The Jordana Paige bag is just as deep as the Lady B (6", I believe), and I know that there are days when I need more than that. This is just making the Namaste bag all the more attractive since it's expandable to 8.5". I'll have to call around to see if any stores around Toronto have a sample somewhere.

And since I was there, I couldn't pass up the chance to buy some fun yarn. Since there are more babies on the way, and I'm getting tired of knitting sweaters, I thought I'd change gears a little. I bought the pattern for the Baby Bobbi Bear, along with some light brown Blue Sky cotton. Then there were these kits for an adorable crochet baby blanket out of Debbie Bliss Cashmerio. I touched that stuff and fell in love. The kit had 7 balls of it with a pattern, and it was going for $60. I thought that was great considering each ball used to go for something like $10 or $12. So, I bought it and figured that even if I didn't want to crochet the blanket, I could knit a similar one. The crochet pattern doesn't look too bad though; I think I'll give it a shot.

Photos of my swag to come. I'm just lazy with the camera today.

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Adrienne said...

Heh, don't you love how that happens? Wander into a yarn store "just for fun", or to "check something out", then before you know it you're walking out again with armfuls of yarn!

Ack, you are being surrounded by babies! You are so generous with all the knitted baby stuff. I can't wait to see this baby blanket kit that you speak of. Of course I have nothing but good things to say about the Baby Bobbi Bear pattern, since I've knit it twice (I sort of want one of the bears back though....maybe the receipient didn't deserve him after all....). =)