Sunday, September 09, 2007

Pictures as promised

Okay! Photos!

Because I like little gadgets, I couldn't resist these pom pom makers.

This is the yarn I got for the Bobbi bear. It's Blue Sky's dyed cotton.

The super soft cashmerino that's going to become a baby blanket of some kind.

Please excuse this horrible photo of a photo, but that should give you an idea of what the pattern is supposed to turn out to look like. Depending of how frustrated I get with crocheting, I might use a feather and fan knit pattern instead.

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Adrienne said...

Great haul! That looks like a pretty baby blanket. I have been seeing all sorts of crocheted ripple afghans around knitblogland recently, and it has really made me want to learn to crochet (that, and colourful granny square afghans. I am such a SUCKER for things involving many many colours. Alas, but they can be expensive). I hope your crochet experience turns out well!