Saturday, September 08, 2007

Happy wedding day, Kim!

So hey, today is Kim's wedding day! Hooray! It's such a bummer that I can't be there in person to celebrate with her, but I thought I'd use the occasion to post about the very small knitted component of the wedding present I sent her and Aaron. Dishcloths!

Dishcloth blue multi

Dishcloth blue yellow

Dishcloth yellow multi

These are the ballband dishcloths from Mason Dixon Knitting, knit using Sugar'n Cream cotton. They were an extremely fun knit, and I loved knitting with all these fun bright colours, I definitely want to make more someday!


Karen said...

Those dishcloths look awesome! I love the colours! How is that Mason Dixon Knitting book?

Adrienne said...

I really like the Mason-Dixon book, not so much for the patterns as for a source of inspiration. I love the log cabin and mitred/mitered square afghans they have in there. And of course they are two very clever and funny women. =)