Friday, September 28, 2007

Things you find on vacation

So, while I was in Vancouver, my cousin took us to this store called Daiso where everything was $2 or 2 for $2 depending on what it was. Lo and behold, here are some knitting goodies that I found.

Those are probably the first pair of straight needles that I've ever bought, but they were blue and big. I don't really have anything to do bulky knits with, so that should be fun. In addition to the stitch holders, that thing on the left that I got is a bodkin. I heard from someone that they can be used to pick up stitches that are dropped without you knowing it, and you've continued knitting for a ways.

And on a random note, here's where I am with the Bobbi Bear.

Actually, I'm a little further along, but just haven't taken a pictures of it. I didn't work on it while I went away cuz I was afraid I wasn't going to be allowed to fly with it and didn't want to risk having it confiscated or anything.


Adrienne said...

Ah, I see that Baby Bobbi is coming along quite nicely!

Hey, I can recall having paid quite a bit more than $2 for knitting accessories that look very much like the ones you got....those knitting needles look very much like the "Daisy" needles made by Crystal Palace (I think?), but for less than half the price! Great deal!

Ah, so that's what a bodkin is, I can't really see how it works to pick up dropped stitches, but now I will know what to imagine the next time I come across that term in a book or something. =)

Garrett and Sylvia said...

thanks for posting the pic of the goodies from daiso. i heard about it through ravelry and think it's worth it to include a trip to daiso on my visit to the east bay this weekend. just curious, did they have dpns there at the shop you went to? thanks.