Sunday, September 30, 2007


More socks! I've had a lot of phone time lately, and these are the perfect mindless talking-on-the-phone project.

The yarn is Fearless Fibers merino sock yarn, in the "Mint" colourway. I LOVE this green colour, these socks are almost too pretty to wear! Of course, I sort of feel that way about all of my handknit socks, but these ones especially.

Fearless Fibers merino mint_01

I knit these socks using 56 stitches on US0 needles instead of my usual 60 stitches since this yarn seemed a bit thicker than the yarn I normally use, but these socks turned out a bit snug. Still totally comfortable and wearable, but it seems that I'm not really all that great at estimating gauge without a swatch. =)


Karen said...

I love those socks!! The colour really is fab.

It's pretty funny how we each have projects that we'll default to. I'm not really a sock kinda girl myself if it's on teeny tiny needles with sock weight yarn. I'm still pushing myself to finish those blue socks I started (haha!)

Adrienne said...

Thanks! The thing is, I love buying sock yarn so much that I sort of HAVE to knit socks or else all that yarn will just sit there doing nothing! I've been wanting very badly to acquire some more, but I need to knit up some of what I've already got to make room in the stash. Trying very hard to keep it all under control. =)

I keep thinking that I should branch out in to patterned socks, socks with lace or cables, but honestly I just can't be bothered, especially if nobody's going to see them anyway!

Shannon said...

I love this shade of green. It is lovely.