Thursday, September 13, 2007

More socks....

Hey, guess what? I knit another pair of socks! Yet ANOTHER pair of generic, toe-up socks. I am such a one trick pony when it comes to these things. But honestly, I just couldn't be bothered to get all fancy with them. I see all these lovely textured and lacy socks out there in knitblogland, and they are beautiful to look at, but I just don't really see myself wearing them. Or knitting them. My socks are my (very) mindless knits. Even heel flaps and gussets are too much thinking for me most of the time. Height of mental laziness, huh?

Generic toe-up socks with short-row toes and heels, using Claudia Handpainted sock yarn in the Blue Terra Cotta colourway. Pretty yarn!

Claudia Blue Terra Cotta socks_01

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Karen said...

Hey, there is absolutely nothing wrong with knitting a pattern that you like over and over again! I think those socks are super cute. It takes me forever to work through socks. Remember those blue ones that I started a long time ago? They're still not done yet, and I don't think I'm going to be getting to them anytime soon. I've got more baby knitting to worry about first.