Wednesday, October 13, 2004

I'm still knitting, really I am....

Well, there is currently an explosion of yarn in my room, but I can't talk about any of it because it's all for presents! Things are progressing pretty well so far, but my floor is an unholy mess of bags and I can't wait to get all this yarn knitted up and given away so I can buy new stuff! =P I did do some stash enhancement on Monday, Windsor Button was having a 20% off all yarn sale, so I picked up some Lamb's Pride worsted for a little experiment to be detailed later, and some of the new Queensland Collection Kathmandu Aran in a creamy colour for some tweedy mittens.

Um....and that's all I have for now. Sorry for the very boring entry. Hopefully I'll start knitting poast-able things again soon.

Oh, and check this out. Very interesting things-to-knit, no? =)

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Karen said...

Ha ha! I'm not really posting very much either, so no worries...but I'm still working on presents so I don't know if I want to show them yet ^_^ Maybe I'll take some really close up pictures so no one can tell what they are!

That creamy Kathmandu Aran looks really nice. All soft and pet-able.

OMG, that website has such funny things to knit! I don't think I'd ever knit a cigarette or anything, but the concept is just hilarious!