Monday, October 04, 2004


The kitty hat is finished! I don't have long enough arms to take a picture of the whole thing, so here it is in parts. First the head and ears:

Then the pom-poms:

What a fun and fast knit! Now I just need to wait a month or two until it gets cold enough to wear hats again. =)

Hey, it's October! You know that that means? The end of the Yarn Diet! I have actually been buying yarn here and there for various presents and such, but nothing specifically for me. So when I saw some Rowan Plaid that totally matched my purple-and-pink scarf what else could I do but buy a ball to knit yet another hat? For those days when I don't feel like wearing the kitty, I guess. Or I suppose I could make some mittens. In any case, here is the Plaid next to the scarf and the kitty hat:

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Karen said...

Wow!!! Your hat looks great!!! So cute! I've finished the second ear flap and am just finishing the I-cord on it. I haven't made the pom poms yet, but I figure that'll be easy. I'm planning to finish the hat tonight. *fingers crossed*