Friday, October 22, 2004

Socks of pain

A while ago my sister requested that I make her a pair of handknit socks. I finally started them earlier this week, using some Lorna's Laces in the Tuscany colourway. I think I can post pictures of these because they aren't a surprise, she pre-approved the yarn ahead of time. But, they will still be considered a birthday/Christmas present. =)

Tuscany socks_03

Sometimes when I knit I experience some minor RSI in my right wrist, which is why I normally wear a support glove on that side. But after starting this sock, my left wrist started to hurt too. Yesterday during the day I was experiencing some interesting pangs of pain. It's ok now, and I'm hoping that I just needed to get used to knitting a tight gauge on teeny tiny needles (US1) again. I've never had particularly strong wrists. Have you ever experienced any knitting-related RSI?


Anonymous said...

You knitwit,
You are probably getting knitter RSI from holding you needles too tightly or putting your wrists in an awkward posture as you knit. Try keeping your wrists neutral and holding your needles less tight.


Adrienne said...

Hey crappy, I didn't know you read this blog! Thanks for the ergonomic-y advice, I guess I should've asked you in the first place. I knew you would come in handy some day! =P

I think it was just the switch to little needles and the stress of learning a new technique which resulted in some tense needle-holding, I've made more sock progress and my wrists have been fine lately.

Karen said...

LOL! It's my fault that Craphead is reading this...>_< I take full responsibility!

I like the colourway you're using. It's very pretty. What pattern are you using? The same one that you used to make the Koigu socks? BTW, did you know that there's a special issue of knitty out that has an ankle sock pattern in it?

As for the RSI, I don't really get any. I sometimes get sore if I sit in a weird position, or if I hold my arms off-centre. I think there's a knitty article in the archives about it. Something about knitting with arthritis. I think using my laptop at work is causing me more problems than knitting though...but that's another story. I'm glad that your pain is gone now. ^_^

Adrienne said...

I wanted to make these socks toe-up, so I'm using Wendy Johnson's generic toe-up sock pattern, but I'm doing a k3p1 ribbing on the leg.

I did see the Knitty fall surprise, I like the heart scarf a lot....